Wanted: Serverless AI dev in exchange for equity in early-stage startup

From Joseph :sparkles::upside_down_face::sparkles: on Discord[1]:

Hi all, wondering if there are any devs here who love working with AI/serverless GPUs and would be interested in exercising their skills as part of an early stage startup in exchange for equity… which would hopefully in time shift to a full time, salaried role, & integral part of our team :slightly_smiling_face:

A bit about us:

  • Founding team of 3 + working with a number of contractors (mostly artists)
  • Our product is a graphic design tool targeting the NFT/web3 space
  • We have a live beta version available to a few dozen early customers, public release coming soon
  • We raised a small F&F pre-seed round covering operational costs (not salaries)
  • We are excited by recent AI developments that could help us build in complimentary features
  • We have a tech lead in the founding team, but without AI experience & hitting capacity

A bit about you (ideally, but don’t need to hit every point):

  • Experience with training custom Stable Diffusion models, getting the most out of prompts/platform
  • Ability to deploy custom models on Banana.dev
  • Development skills across React, Next.js, serverless apps (or similar JS experience)
  • Consistent part time availability (e.g. could be 1-2 days/week) until we reach funding/revenue that supports salaries
  • An understanding of early startup challenges & ability to work in a geographically distributed team (i.e. meetings outside of 9-5, etc)
  • Some experience in and knowledge of the web3/NFT space would be handy
  • Any experience with WebGL / React-three-fiber would be a cherry on top

DMs open if you want to chat.

  1. Discord ↩︎