Waifu Diffusion v1.4

Release Notes

See wd1-4-anime-release.md · GitHub


  • WDv1.4 is a SDv2.1-base model (native 512x512 resolution) fine-tuned on 5.5m text-image samples with high-quality tagging.

  • Quality modifiers like “masterpiece”, “best quality”, etc affect the output, as do rating modifiers like “safe”, “questionable”, “nsfw”, “deleted”. A default starter prompt and negative_prompt is automatically prefilled in the app when you select the WDv1.4 model.

  • Official model discord - no connection to kiri.art. Model author: Haru with support from Salt and Cafe.

Current Epoch: 1

Kiri.Art Notes

  • 2022-01-02 - Use correct model (heads up, the “fp16” revision on the official repo is still WDv1.3, so we’re serving the “fp32” model for now).

  • 2022-01-01 - Added to https://kiri.art/