Run diffusers-api on Banana.Dev

This is a sub-topic of Running on other cloud providers . See that post for why you might want to do this, and info and examples for other providers too.

This guide is a work in process.


Banana.Dev is a serverless GPU provider, it’s where docker-diffusers-api first started off! Banana is run by a great team and are well known for a number of first-to-market innovations (follow their twitter to keep up).

  • Pricing

    • Shared A100 with 16GB RAM, $.00051992/second
    • 10-40% volume discounts.
    • 1 hour of free credits

New “v1” (2023)

Note: if you’ve been using docker-diffusers-api since 2022, this is a new major version with some breaking changes. See [WIP] Upgrading from v0 to v1. The old code is in the main-v0-final and dev-v0-final branches.


  1. Git clone GitHub - kiri-art/docker-diffusers-api-build-download: Builds diffusers-api with a pre-downloaded model
  2. Set build-vars in banana dashboard (or modify Dockerfile directly if you want)
  3. Deploy (TODO, screenshots for banana, etc).

See the README in the above repo for further details.