Help make Banana development tutorials and starter templates

Posted by blake on discord[1]:

hey! would someone like to make side $$ and collab with me on making Banana content? Here is my idea. :eyes:

We already make deployment tutorials for various models (FLAN-T5, Galactica, BLOOM, etc.). I am self-admittedly a novice programmer, and process of me taking our Serverless repo (GitHub - bananaml/serverless-template) and adapting it to run each of these models is a slower pace than I would like to move.

I’ll pay you to pair up with me and make these model repos as I create deployment content. I imagine this could be a pretty easy side hustle for someone in our community. :muscle:

DM me or comment if you’re interested! lets make it happen

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I would love to participate.
I have been using your docker-diffusers-api template for my own tests and from my novice point of view in AI and ML (also on devops) I feel like it has a lot to get started, making progress a bit slower.
I would love to reduce it down to a minimal version that it’s easier for newcomers in this space.

Hey, that would be amazing! I’d love to make it easier for others. It didn’t start off as an open source project so there’s a big of baggage…

PS, these are the unofficial forums and I don’t think any of the banana staff are on it. So for any paid opportunities, you should contact blake on discord. I’m not sure if they’ll sponsor anything docker-diffusers-api related, I got the impression its more for previously undocumented models, but could be worth a shot. In any event, I’d love this! (for lack of doubt, I don’t work for banana, I know some people have been confused about it because of how active I am :sweat_smile: ). So thanks :smiley: