An exact and more accurate guide to deploy this app and SD with docker locally?

Im getting an FAILED: no apiKey error when i run the site with yarn dev and the image is mounted locally with docker…

I really do not understand how I can configure or make it work on local… I want a more exact guide, I also see i need mongodb but its not mentioned in the guide

Any better how to step by step ? Thanks!

Hey Zariel

Welcome to the forums and thanks for your interest in the project.

Ok, I’ll just be honest here… the local version of the project took a bit of a bit seat due to lack of interest… I definitely haven’t been keeping it in mind in recent development work and clearly I’ve broken a few things a long the way.

I’ll update all references to running the code locally to mention this too. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on the idea… and the plan is to create a docker image for local running too to make things super easy too. I’m just not sure when I’ll have a chance to do it.

In the meantime though, on the “provider” line, make sure you select “local” (on the far left, not “kiri-local”). I just did a fresh install now and confirm that that works.

Any other problems let me know but I admit that things might be a little rough at this stage. However it seems like basic functionality is all still working :sweat_smile: So sorry about that and thanks for your understanding.

Oh and as for deploying, well, you’re part way there… but the same issues apply. Easy to deploy on Vercel (and probably anywhere else NextJS runs), but:

  1. Make sure the docker container is running somewhere… either on a server, or on banana or runpod serverless. There are guides in the forums on how to do this. Set the appropriate environment variables for API KEYs and URLs.

  2. MongoDB as you pointed out. With MONGO_URL. Auth is via Next Auth and should be set up as usual. (You might see some references to Gongo Auth, which is used internally, but is no longer used for signups and logins and works transparently on top of Next Auth).

Deployments are unfortunately not the highest priority now, so might require quite a bit of time looking at the code for any issues come up. It’s something I’ll look at only after getting a good local / dev experience working. Sorry again for the less than ideal answer.

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